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Generation Z Impact on Social Issues and driving change through Social Media

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Generation Z (1995-2009) are one of the most influential and impactful generations in this era. Gen Z have double care about issues of equality, raise the voice towards the purpose of the business is to “service communities and society.” They are more likely to trust a brand that are operating towards the societies best interests; not alone saying it but showing it through their actions and by their employee actions.

Most recent Pew research center report highlighted, Gen Z is the most racially and ethnically diverse generations that we came across, this isn’t all that is pushing the attitudes of this generation when it comes down to race and diversity.

Another research from DoSomething Strategic shows that, more than 75% of young people have purchased or consider a brand which shows support to the pressing issues. Members of Gen Z are moving away from a brand too. Around 65% would stop purchase or support if that brand didn’t resonate with the same values.

When nosediving into the hot-bottom issues of today, Gen Zers feel brands and companies must do their part to solve these ever-changing issues. Although, environment is a priority it is not exclusive, 91% of Gen Z have job creation as their top priority, sexual harassment at 90% and gender equality at 89%. Interestingly, Gen Zers pushed their priority towards LGBTQ+ rights from 64% to 74%. As a generation that sees school shooting, protests and other ways to engage and influence these issues, Gen Zers are determined to change the course in by taking it on their hands.

Course of action for impact

This generation are no longer waiting for things to change, instead they are trying to bring the change by rolling up their sleeves and participate. Many Gen Zers are ready to take action for social issues by volunteering, signing a petition, donate and using social media to drive that change.

Social Media as a change maker

As truly digital savvy, Generation Z uses social media not only to learn about issues, but to make a meaningful difference. 91 percent say they use social media to learn about and participate in issues they care about. They feel so well-informed and connected, in fact, that more than three-quarters (77 percent) say they know more about important issues than their parents or guardians. This generation sincerely feels social media engagement can drive change. 80 percent feel they can have an impact on issues by using social media, so much so that 64 percent believe supporting issues online is more effective at making a difference than doing something in their communities.

Gen Z are one of a kind generation who was borne to disrupt and not to be disrupted. Today, the very goal of businesses, political groups, technology companies is to disrupt the status quo, to change how people live and think. Fuelling to this is the internet, social platforms and advancements in technological innovations that are shared from anywhere globally. Every brand should cultivate a habit of understanding the customers as human beings, understanding what drives them forward and providing them repeatedly the experience that they never imagined.

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