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The launch of the Outsquare website

Updated: May 26, 2020

Hey! We're Outsquare, an international contemporary social marketing agency building the future of brands. We have just released our website where every single detail about us can be found!

We are an international agency based within England and the Netherlands. Our creative wizards work tirelessly with data specialists and strategic veterans to ensure impactful campaigns which drive our clients’ brands forward, ultimately building long-term brand recognition. Having been founded in February 2020 by Marian Catana and Ruben Mourik, we have branched into a client base covering a variety of industries.

At Outsquare, we offer a range of services including strategy, creative, paid advertising and production. Behind each service are a dedicated team of professionals with your brand's success at the heart of what they do. You can find full details about each service we offer on our website.

To keep up to date with everything we're doing, you can follow us on our social platforms.

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